The heart of this place beats as one. Everyone here has done something to make their community more beautiful, whether it be building schools or playing ball on TV Day at old Main Street with grandpa's shirt itching against your skin while sipping lemonade.

Here, you live the life of your dreams. The people are warm and inviting; they love to talk about their lives with others who have similar interests as them! It's a sense that this small town is family-owned which makes it all feel more meaningful than anywhere else I've ever been before--and there isn't any place like home.

Clock Tower at Avalon Park was the first building to bring residents together in downtown area. It also served as a gathering place for people who lived next door or worked nearby, providing an opportunity for interaction that would not have been possible without it!

Why Buy a Luxury Home in AVALON PARK?

Avalon Park Real Estate

Avalon Park is south of UCF but feels more like a quaint town than the hustle and bustle of the UCF area. Alafaya Trail has a lot to offer young professionals and their families.

Avalon Park is a family-focused community. From the cozy architecture of the houses to the robust recreation and sports programs, Avalon Park's youngest residents give this neighborhood warmth. The neighborhood boasts around 16 miles of bike trails, which residents of all ages take advantage of year-round.

The median home cost in Avalon Park is $300,370, making it friendly for first time home buyers and families starting out. The community was largely built in the 2000's, and as such the houses in Avalon Park offer modern comforts with a traditional facade.

Nestled in southeast Orange County lies the community of Avalon Park. It forms an 1,860 acre Orlando neighborhood along the side of the Econlockhatchee River, and was designed with a concept that encourages an improved quality of life.

Avalon Park is every bit of what it was envisioned to be. The quaint and thriving downtown and the surrounding homes have grown into East Orlando’s hometown. Front porches beckon you to meet your neighbors and enjoy a cool tea on a warm afternoon. The trees have matured and lazily canopy the well-traveled sidewalks, and the main town center provides the perfect way to spend the day with one-of-the-kind experiences.

Avalon Park truly has developed a unique identity that makes it an ideal neighborhood to call home. If you’re looking at Homes for Sale in Orlando here are some of the top 5 reasons to consider Avalon Park:

The hometown atmosphere is the core of Avalon Park's identity.

The traditional Main Street has been reimagined as Avalon Park Boulevard. This is the epicenter of Downtown Avalon Park and the perfect place to bond with your loved ones or meet new friends.

Take a walk on a Friday night down to the retro themed diner and enjoy a chocolate milkshake as you watch the sunset over the lake. Or enjoy a treat at the juice bar next door and then walk to a class at the YMCA around the corner. Restaurants, boutiques, and small businesses line the boulevard and offer a small-town’s worth of options.

One of the best days to visit is on a Saturday. The community often hosts festivals and craft fairs in their downtown parks. If you continue to stroll up the boulevard, you’ll find an impressive amphitheater. You might even stumble upon an outdoor concert.

It’s easy to get to know your neighbors and explore the community in the laid back, welcoming atmosphere.

Avalon Park is conveniently located within East Orlando. There is easy access to highways 408 and 417, and rush hour traffic is the biggest location complaint. It’s about 25 minutes from Downtown Orlando, 20 minutes to the airport, and 45 minutes to the theme parks. Waterford Lakes Town Center, a large outdoor shopping complex, is only 15 minutes away and is home to popular restaurants and over 100 stores.

Each neighborhood in the development features its own pool and parks, underscoring the community’s affection for recreation and healthy family activities being available just steps away. For outdoorsy families, there’s plenty of amenities to keep you active. Baseball, soccer, and football fields are close by, along with basketball and tennis courts. You’ll find miles of walking & biking paths that blend fitness and fun, as you wind past beautiful scenic preservation, grassy fields, and ponds – all linked by roads and pedestrian trails that interlace the community.

Single family homes and apartments here have a shared architectural style that is uniquely Floridian and bursting with charm. Its 3,400 single family homes and 1,431 multi-family units are among the most sought-after in Orlando thanks to their pleasing aesthetics and rich nearby amenities.

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5 Bedroom Homes

Address Price Bed / Baths Interior Space WF / Pool
$815,000 5 / 5
3,812sf N / N
$699,000 5 / 3
2,899sf N / Y
$665,000 5 / 3
2,263sf N / N

4 Bedroom Homes

Address Price Bed / Baths Interior Space WF / Pool
$530,000 4 / 2
2,826sf N / N
$469,000 4 / 2
2,150sf N / N
$455,000 4 / 2
1,786sf N / N

3 Bedroom Homes

Address Price Bed / Baths Interior Space WF / Pool
$499,999 3 / 2
1,883sf N / N

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